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Cascade Windows Reviews

Read Cascade windows reviews written by installers, homeowners and contractors who have had experience with these products. For more pricing, see our windows cost estimator.

Construction Grade Window

I think Cascades are overpriced for replacement windows. They are construction grade and there are a lot of better windows available on the market. Amerimax is the most durable with a strong frame and good ratings, even though they are slightly more expensive they are a good deal over Milgard and Cascade.

2005 - Jerome - Contractor

Cascade or Jeldwen

I am torn between two estimates I have received for replacement windows. I have quotes from Jeldwen and Cascade Winpro. Both are low-e glass, but I found the Cascade has a better U-value. Also the Cascade has coating inside and outside while Jeldwen only has coating on the one side. I don't want to spend $12,000 before I am sure. I also heard that the Cascade has a rubber spacer and metal frame while the Jeldwen has an aluminum spacer and PVC frame. Can anyone offer some much needed advice?

2006 - Robyn - Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I would rate Jeldwen a better window than Cascade, but not by much. I have experience with both of them and I think you're confused about the coating on the inside and outside of the Cascade, the coating is always done on the inside so they're lying or it's related to something other than the low-e glass. The price you have stated is really expensive and it may be worth your while finding out about Milgard, CertainTeed or Amerimax before making a decision.

2006 - Liam - Contractor

Cascade vs. Milgard

I am replacing fifteen single hung windows and a picture window. I have had two estimates on Cascade windows, one at $4,000 and the other at $4,600. Then offered me Milgard Tuscany windows at $5,000. $1,000 difference is a large amount of money. All I want is an energy efficient window that will open, close and lock. Is it worth paying the extra money for what I need?

2006 - Amanda - Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

To put it simply, yes it is worth it. Milgard offers a better service and product and you will not be sorry you paid that bit extra for them in the long run.

2006 - Michael - Contractor

Simonton or Cascade

I lost a lot of money some years ago when I replaced fifteen triple paned windows with Bristols. I am now looking to replace these and have narrowed my search down to three windows, the Cascade, Simonton 6500 and Simonton Prism. Does anyone know these windows which can offer some advice on which to choose?

2011 - Keith - Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

You should not have any problems with the Simonton Prism, they are really good windows. Though look at the platinum which is a better choice over the gold or silver.

2011 - Hank - Contractor

Compliment For Their Products

I am based in Los Angeles and mainly install Cascade / Empire Pacific windows and I have never had any problems when it comes to warranty or service. They are always on time with delivery and the quality is good. I have literally installed hundreds of these windows and the worst problem I was faced with was a missing screen, which Cascade replaced straight away. A patio door which arrived damaged was replaced and installed by them, I didn't have to worry about it at all. I know all companies will have a few problems and a number of complaints, but overall they have less than anyone else and all my customers are happy.

2011 - Charles - Contractor

Bad Customer Service

Be warned that if you are a homeowner don't expect good customer service. I've been promised replacement parts which have never arrived and they advised that the warranty will not cover labor.

2011 - Jason - Homeowner

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