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Kolbe Windows Reviews

Read Kolbe windows reviews from past customers and window experts who have experience with the pros and cons of these products as well as their customer service ratings. Explore all Kolbe products and pricing here.

Kolbe Windows Complaints

I have plenty of experience with Kolbe sash kits. If you need a wood window in your home but can't afford that, this is a decent alternative. There aren't too many issues for this kind of install. We had to stop taking measurements and ordering screens from Kolbe. Instead, it works better if that's all done onsite by someone sent out. It makes for fewer problems, quicker results and a smaller bill. Also, you have to put in a little extra work in order to get the sashes installed just right in the existing slots. This option is cheaper than a high-end window, but not significantly cheap. It's mainly for looks, so don't expect energy saving features.

Marc - Installer - 2007

Kolbe and Semco

Semco windows are pretty much only for when you have a tight budget, and expect to replace them within about 10 or 11 years. The best wood window options would be Marvin or Kolbe windows. Marvin is pricier and popular, but you'd be more than happy with the Kolbes.

Brock - Installer - 2010

Kolbe and Pella

Between Pellas and Kolbes, you'll get a slightly lower price with the Pellas but only slightly. I would go with Kolbes because they're a good quality and worth the amount. I have 15 year old double hungs in my own home and they look practically new still.

Greg - Past Customer - New Jersey - 2010


I agree that Kolbes are a better choice. Pella windows happen to be well advertised, but trade experts know of Kolbe and it's quality. They have great customer service for buyers, great design and they are just better in general.

Theodore - Installer - 2010

[2nd Response]

I haven't been impressed with either, really. I haven't been wowed by anything Kolbe offers and they're pretty ordinary. Pellas are worse, though, and not worth it. Their best line, the Architectural series, is among the worst. They put nice models in the showrooms but what you get is way off from the designs. Things are off-center, poor quality. I had Pella windows put in my own house, but they only really work because of the work I put in to get them just right and fixed up. They are never worth putting in as they are when delivered.

Mel - Installer - 2010

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Kolbe Classic or Jeld-Wen Siteline EX

I need to find wood-clad double hungs that would work for my remodel project. We're considering the Kolbe Ultra and Classic, plus the Jeld-Wen Siteline EX. They say that the Siteline is extruded aluminum, but I found out that it's actually rolled-on instead. Kolbe Ultras have extruded, though, which hold up to wear better. Kolbe Classic can easily be compared to the Siteline, with rolled on aluminum too. The pricing is pretty similar between them all, with the Kolbe Ultras slightly more expensive. Is it worth the price, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Virginia - Past Customer - 2010


Get the Ultra, most definitely. Rolled aluminum isn't going to do you any good, plus Jeld Wens products aren't good. You'd be making the best choice with Kolbe Ultra windows. Well-made, durable and far above the Jeld Wen company that was originally made from three low-quality window companies. They haven't really made an effort to improve upon what they established years ago. Houses with Jed Wens experience tons of issues. I suppose you might be able to manage if that's all you can afford, but it would be better to go with something else better.

Maxwell - Installer - 2010

[2nd Response]

Just go with one of the Kolbe windows. Doesn't really matter too much which one you pick, though Ultra is nicer (rolled-on aluminum isn't my favorite). Either would be much better in comparison to the Jeld Wen. They're not even in the same league.

Peter - Installer - 2010

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Kolbe Latitude and Marvin Integrity

I'm considering getting either Marvin Integrity with All Ultrex Fiberglass or Kolbe Latitude with Vinyl. I would be paying more for the Marvins by quite a bit, so does it have better specs or just overpriced? They both seem decent to me, but I don't want to go for something that's not significantly better than the other.

Bethany - Past Customer - Louisiana - 2010


If it's in your budget, the Marvins really are worth it. Kolbe might have some good windows, but they aren't as good as the Marvins. The Marvins you're considering are different. They have fiberglass, which is durable and better material. From what I've seen currently available, Marvins are currently the nicest out there.

Jared - Installer - 2010

Frame Coloring Inquiry

I've been considering a number of windows, and decided to check out Kolbes. They seem pretty nice, solid and well designed. I'm not sure about the cream-colored interiors. It seems strange. The window pricing, though higher, isn't really an issue for us since we're cutting expenses on interior doors as well as hardwares. I'm just hoping the cream color will be okay looking once they're installed.

Nic - Installer - 2010

Kolbe Windows Reviews

I wouldn't even compare the Hurd to other window companies like Eagle, Marvin and Kolbe. Hurds don't hold up to the design or material comparison, they won't last as long and they will give you plenty of issues. Hurds is definitely lower quality compared to Kolbe. I guess if that's what you want then you can go for it, but the quality is still bad.

Ricky - Installer - 2012

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