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Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Estimator

Our hurricane impact windows cost estimator can help you find industry price ranges for many of the most popular hurricane windows on the market today. Our window price calculator includes all of the available upgrades and add-ons that can be included on a hurricane impact window and the price range that you can expect to pay for each.

What Are Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane impact windows are built to withstand severe coastal storms and weather. One of the key ways that they accomplish this is through the use of laminated glass (or a similar technology such as PVB or PET glass that greatly increases the overall strength of the glass panes). Laminated glass, when struck by an object, may break or crack but will not shatter like normal replacement window glass. This is extremely important because the loss of glass in a window during a hurricane can result in severe damage to floors, furniture, walls and, in some cases, blow the roof off the house.

Laminated glass is only a part of what separates a hurricane window from a normal replacement window. Impact windows must be built much more durable; thicker frames, better corner welds, stronger weatherstripping, optional sash reinforcements and higher quality seals. The result is a stronger, more durable and energy efficient window.

Hurricane Windows Prices

These upgrades and add-ons will certainly add to the cost of the window unit itself. While a normal vinyl replacement window will run anywhere from $30 to $90 per square foot fully installed, a hurricane impact window will run approximately $50 to $120 per square foot fully installed. This price range is actually equivalent to the cost of wood clad windows, which are the most expensive replacement window frame material on the market.

More On Impact Windows Prices

Hurricane Impact Window Companies

There are a number of manufacturers that build impact windows for sale through their distribution channels. Here are a handful of excellent hurricane impact window options, listing from least expensive to most expensive.

Viwinco Ocean View Windows

Stank Hurricane Windows

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus

Custom Window Systems

PGT 400 Series

Loewen StormForce Collection

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