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Laminated Windows Cost

Laminated windows cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $125 to $175 for the upgrade. Typically, you will be upgrading from either a clear glass or a low E glass option. (Click for low e windows cost.) Most manufacturers should offer this upgrade and should be able to tell you exactly how much it's gonna cost to add laminated glass to their standard windows. Obviously, the cost will also depend on the size of the window and by default the size of the laminate glass required.

-- Upgraded Price: $125 to $175 --

Laminated Windows Basics

Laminated glass is very similar to tempered glass, which is the type of glass used for most car windshields. Tempered glass is more expensive than laminated glass and really not necessary in terms of home windows.

Laminated windows are made up of two sheets of glass that are held together by an interlayer that is typically made of polyvinyl butryal or PVB. This interlayer is extremely important because it bounds the glass layers together, even when broken, to create the spiderweb effect (as opposed to breaking up into shards of glass.)

Laminate Window Benefits

Laminated windows have three main benefits, the first of which is to create a shatter-resistant window surface that provides better security against home break-ins. In addition, laminated glass is excellent for protecting a home that is located in a hurricane or severe storm prone area. The impact resistance of laminated glass is its most important, and most often sought out feature. Explore more on hurricane window costs.

The second benefit is that LG is highly effective in protecting against certain UV rays. While a normal low E glass reflects about 85% of these harmful UV rays, laminated glass blocks nearly 99% of the UV rays that hit the surface of the glass. This offers better energy efficiency, as well as protecting carpets and furniture from the effects of UV rays overtime.

The third benefit is a reduction in the amount of sound that is able to enter through the window. In fact, it is not uncommon for homeowners to upgrade to a laminated window for the specific purpose of soundproofing their home. The big advantage here is that laminated windows cost $150 to upgrade while a soundproof window is going to be much more expensive. However, homeowners who live in urban areas and are looking specifically for a soundproof window from pretty extreme noise may not be satisfied with the amount of noise reduction that they will get through simply upgrading to a laminated window.

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