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Low E Windows Cost

Low E window costs will typically run $25 - $75 for the upgrade from a clear glass. Some window manufacturers use a low-e1 glass as their standard glass package, while others use a clear (less expensive) glass.

-- Price Of Upgrade: $25 - $75 --

Low E Window Basics

Low E windows are a more energy efficient type of window glass that uses an exterior coating that is not to be confused with a window tint. However, low E window glass will give the window a slightly darker look. Low E or low emissivity is a coating that helps to reflect shortwave UV rays when they come into contact with the window glass.

Low E window glass can have up to three specific coatings applied to it, depending on the overall goal of the window glass itself. The variety and order of the coatings will depend on the climate, the direction that the window is going to face and the amount of light that homeowner wants to have enter through the glass. Most window dealers or local companies should be able to recommend the appropriate type of low-e glass for each project and each window opening.

Low E Window Prices

To upgrade from a clear class to a low E window should run approximately $25 per window. To upgrade from clear glass to a low e2 window will typically run $50 per window. To upgrade from a clear glass to a low E3 window will typically run $75 per window.

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Energy Efficiency Issues

Because low e windows reflect heat from the surface of the window glass, they make for a much more efficient windows. Double pane windows will typically use a low e coating on both the outside of the outer window pane and the inside of the inner window pane to reduce the heat transfer from one pane to the other. Low e glass works with a nonmetallic spacer and argon or krypton fills to create an energy efficient insulated glazing unit that is characteristic of a double pane window.

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