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Storm Windows Reviews

Read Storm windows reviews to find advise, recommendations and words of warning from homeowners and contractors alike on many of the most popular storm and impact window options available.

Simonton 9800 Series

I am in the process of purchasing replacement windows for our property in Florida. Currently the home has aluminum windows, but we have been offered the Simonton 9800 windows as a replacement option. These are the ones with the impact glass which has been laminated. The Simonton were more affordable than many of the other storm windows we have looked at and we've been told that they will give us a category 4 hurricane protection. My concern is that they don't have an official hurricane approval. This means we will probably have to consider plywood and clips to meet the requirements in Florida. I am hoping someone has some advice for us on this and these windows. I don't want to buy the Simontons and then find out we've made an expensive mistake.

Jessica - Homeowner - 2013

[Contractor Response]

Simonton are not your only option when looking for quality storm windows. If you have your heart set on the Simontons, have a look at their Stormbreaker series. You can get the High TL 9800 windows with a tilt latch as well, this enables you to upgrade the DP rating. Other options are the Gorell 5400 windows.

Simon - Contractor - 2013

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