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Pella Windows Prices

Pella windows prices start at $350 and top out at $1050. They have a wide price range because Pella offers so many models and series. Their vinyl windows tend to get poor reviews, especially the lines sold through the large home improvement chains. A lot of contractors like their fiberglass and wood frames, though. For the most part, people in the industry consider them to be an okay manufactuers with a great marketing department that sell at a premium price. Click to read all of our Pella windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $350 to $1,050 installed

Thermastar Series

Pellas vinyl windows get generally poor reviews and the Thermastar is no exception (compare vinyl window prices here). The vinyl extrusions are poorly made and the corner welds are sometimes sloppy. All of the components tend to be cheap, in terms of both materials and construction. The hardware, screens, and rails are not always seated properly and they often have poor seals. The windows are very inconsistent, with some being ok and the next batch having significant problems.

Thermastar Window Pricing

Encompass Series

Even Certified Pella Contractors give the Encompass poor reviews. It has all of the same problems that their other vinyl windows do.

Encompass Costs

Impervia Series

The Impervia's fiberglass frame gives it a narrow profile and clean lines. It comes as both a casement and a double hung, and can be ordered in custom sizes. The U-value of 0.33 is decent but not great, and it features a metallic spacer. Although similar in features to the Marvin Infinity, it is priced higher.

Impervia Prices

Proline Series

Pella's entry level wood window, the Proline is a fairly standard offering without any exceptional features. Most contractors would recommend other brands over the Pella.

ProLine Cost

Architect Series

Essentially an upgraded Proline, the Pella Architect gets decent reviews and it is considered a very nice looking wood window. They are often compared to the Marvin Ultimate or the Loewen wood clad.

Architect Price

Designer Series

Pella's top wood window is the Designer Series. It gets very good reviews from contractors. Like their other windows, some consider it overpriced. Compare to the Andersen 400 or A Series - more on Andersen window costs.

Designer Window Pricing

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