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Average Cost Of Replacement Windows

You can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $700 as the average cost of replacement windows fully installed. Discover what we consider the best mid-range replacements in the upper and lower end of the market.

Okna 500 Insul-Tec (Vinyl Frame)

Okna are always considered a really good brand. Insul-Tec is their middle ranged vinyl option and is a really good vinyl choice for any home. You can get away with paying $575 for the Insul-Tech if you don't have any upgrades and shop around for the right price. Okna 800 are also great windows (now sold under the company name HiMark) and can be compared to the Sunrise Restorations, which actually might be slightly better when it comes to U-values and air leakage ratings.

Target Price - $550 fully installed

Sunrise Restorations Window (Vinyl Frame)

Restorations from Sunrise is the top of the line series that offers an excellent vinyl extrusion which uses a fiberglass reinforcement to add durability and strength. These Sunrise windows come with a wide selection of finishes and colors to choose from. You can expect to pay between $600 and $650 fully installed.

Target Price - $625 fully installed

Simonton 5500 Window (Vinyl Frame)

The 5500 Simonton Series sit in the middle of the price range and are considered quite good windows. You can expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $600 per opening installed. These Simonton windows include lots of nice features such as the super spacers, sash reinforcements and 366 glass options - these optional upgrades will increase the price but certainly might be worth the extra money.

Target Price - $600 fully installed

Marvin Integrity Window (Fiberglass Frame)

The Marvin Integrity windows offer two options, the Ultrex or the Ultrex with wood interior. There are not many color choices, sizes and features that come with the Integrity (as compared with say their Infinity Series). The Integrity is around $75 less than the Infinity and is a good option for any homeowner who likes the fiberglass frame, but wants a real wood interior (not available on the Infinity).

Target Price - $650 fully installed

Marvin Infinity Window (Fiberglass Frame)

The Marvin Infinity model is an Ultrex fiberglass frame which offers two options, it can be completely Ultrex or an Everwood inside and Ultrex outside. Everwood is a wood veneer that looks just like real wood, but doesn't require any maintenance. These windows are slightly more expensive than the Integrity, but they come with a thicker frame, a good warranty and an improved finish. The lifetime warranty covers everything but the glass which comes with a twenty year warranty. These are top level windows and a great choice. Find additional pricing and cost calcutions here.

Target Price - $725 fully installed

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