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Schuco Windows Reviews

Read 5 Schuco windows reviews from homeowners, past customers and professional installers to find out more about their products, window prices and services. Consumers should not that Schuco no longer sells residential windows in the United States, although they do sell commercial grade windows to developers and builders.

Excellent Windows, Bad Customer Service

I bought Schuco replacement windows back in 2003. All of them are triple-glazed, have krypton gas and are super energy-efficient. However, the latches on the windows are cheap plastic and several have cracked or have broken over the years. A few of the seals have also failed and when I called Schuco they basically told me they no longer service their own windows. Basically, the windows have excellent design, but the customer service is non existent. Frustrating!

Dan - Homeowner in Massachusetts - from 2008

Great Windows

Our Schuco windows are amazing. They have an automatic locking feature that I absolutely love and steel lift handles that are very sturdy - although they were an upgrade from the standard plastic option. Our windows were installed by a local company that actually specializes in sunroom windows, which I was hesitant at first, but they did a very thorough job with the install. All of the crew had on booties to protect the carpet and used tarps for protection as well. When they were done, they completely cleaned the windows and the cleanup was spotless. I must say I paid more than I wanted, I think the per window cost for double hungs was roughly $725 fully installed. But I feel like it was worth it in the end.

Ronnie - Consumer - from 2007

Installation Is Key

Schuco makes a good window, but I was hoping for more noise reduction after we had them installed. They also said that the windows would help lower the energy costs, but I really haven't seen much in terms of that. But the windows do seem to be well made. The installation was a bit shoddy, I felt like they might have cut some corners - I would say adequate at best. I would recommend that other consumers get the best installer you can find - it's probably more important that the windows you buy! In terms of price, we bought the top of the line, triple pane window from Schuco and we felt like it was expensive, but less than several of the big name brands like Andersen and Pella.

Bruce - Homeowner in Pennsylvania - from 2007

Best Windows Out There

Schuco makes one of the best windows out there in my opinion. They are stylish and very nice looking. They have really helped with our energy bills. We had a few issues with our basement egress window, but besides this, they have been great. It can be hard to find a distributor for Schuco though, we got lucky and found a good one who services Connecticut. He said they may not actually be around for much longer, which is a real shame.

Tony - Consumer - from 2007

Good Experience

Excellent windows and quite very well made. They were expensive though, but the installation was done well so we are happy. All in all a good experience for us.

Jackie - Consumer in Maryland - from 2006

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