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Marvin Windows Prices

Marvin windows prices start at $500 and top out at $1000 fully installed for most standard sized products. Marvin has a good reputation for manufacturing a quality product and standing behind it with good customer service. They are a solid choice for replacement windows. Most bulk builders don't use them in new construction because of the cost, but they are a good option for a new custom home. Most contractors consider them to be worth the price. Click to read all of the Marvin windows reviews.

-- Overall Price Range: $500 to $1000 installed --

Integrity Series

The Marvin Integrity is their least expensive model. With a fiberglass frame, the exterior is Ultrex and the interior is either Ultrex or wood. It doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to hardware, sizing, and features. The Cardinal glass package is standard, although there are some glass upgrades available. The warranty covers glass for 20 years and defects for 10, although the frame itself has lifetime coverage. While most contractors prefer the Infinity, it's a good option when you want a fiberglass and wood window and don't have a huge budget. Comparable to the Milgard Ultra Series.

Integrity Costs

Infinity Series

Like the Integrity, the Infinity has an Ultrex fiberglass frame that has interior options. An Ultrex interior comes in a variety of colors and finishes, or you can go with the Everwood interior, a maintenance free high quality veneer. It is usually a replacement window, but with an added nailing flange it can serve as a full frame window. The frame is sturdier than the Integrity, and it has some better upgrades available. The warranty offers lifetime coverage for everything but the glass, which is included for 20 years. It has a U-value of 0.30, which is decent but not great. Compare this window to the Pella Impervia.

Infinity Pricing

Ultimate Series

Marvin's best and only wood clad frame is the Ultimate Serie. It is widely considered to be one of the best wood windows available. They look great, and you can choose from Douglas fir, mahogany, white oak, pine, and cherry. There are nearly unlimited customizations, with a lot of different upgrades available. Comparable to the Andersen 400 Series.

Ultimate Prices

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