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Dormer Window Prices & Costs

Dormer window prices vary considerably between $275 for an entry level project to $2,300 for a higher end window. The dormer is the portion of roof that has been built ou, effectively turning unused attic space into a bedroom, living area or office. The prices vary depending on whether you need to construct an entirely new dormer or whether you are just replacing the windows. Bear in mind the windows are essential to allow easy light flow and making the attic feel lighter and brighter. For additional pricing, see our free window replacement cost estimator.

-- Installed Price Range: $275 to $2,300 --

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Cost For A Dormer Window Itself

Entry Level: $150 to $250

Dormer windows prices at the entry level usually come with a vinyl frame and are fixed windows, this means they do not open, and are used for visual appeal and additional light in a small space. These will typically be small to standard in size and won't be custom made or include any upgrades. The glass will be a clear or lower end low-e glass without any energy efficiency upgrades.

Mid Range: $250 to $400

Standard dormer windows are available in a choice of frame materials from composite or fiberglass to low-end wood and higher-end vinyl. The advantage is that these are not fixed windows and can be opened with the choice of either double hung, awnings, casement or single hung windows. These are larger windows that use low-E efficiency glass with argon fills. Another advantage to these dormer windows is that they can be used as a fire exit.

High End: $400 to $1,500

The high-end dormer windows are often custom made, they can include a number of windows mulled together or a selection of larger windows. The frame options are often wood clad, but you can choose an aluminum cladding which will protect the outside. The glass offered is usually top quality with good insulation and energy efficiency.

Cost To Install The Window

The cost of installation can vary from $125 to $800. A basic installation for just replacing a window can cost around $125. If the window requires construction, framing, sealing and custom work, you can expect the price to increase quickly up to this upper range.

Price Range: $125 to $800

Installed Dormer Window Cost

Entry Level: $275 to $600

Entry level dormer windows prices start at $275 and top out at $600 for the project.

Mid Range: $600 - $1,400

Mid range dormer windows prices start at $600 and top out at $1,400 for the project.

High End: $1,400 to $2,300

The higher end dormer windows prices start at $1,400 and top out at $2,300 for the project.

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