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Crystal Windows Reviews

Read available Crystal windows reviews from installers, buyers and past customers who know the brand and customer service. Use our replacement window cost estimator.

Installer Opinion

I've worked with Crystal windows, both with new buildings and during replacement jobs. I haven't come across any significant issues. They aren't the sturdiest out there, to be honest, but unless you're in a severe weather area then they can work. Repairs are typically needed only from bad installations. You won't be getting the best, but for the price they are decent and look nice.

2010 - Adam - Installer - Connecticut

Crystal Windows For Rentals

I needed to get windows for one of my rentals pretty quick and went with Crystal windows. They collaborated with my insurance company so that the paperwork process was quick and my tenants could move back. They might not be the highest quality, but I liked their service. They do more than the average company.

2010 - Chad - Buyer - Washington D.C.

Dealer Problems

I decided to get the basic windows, sans features like energy efficiency and others. Well, I did go with some safety mechanisms for my children's windows to keep them from opening them too far. I wasn't happy with the dealer I went through. I was pretty sure I ordered one particular window only to have windows installed that seemed lower in quality. The rep they sent out told me it was the same, but I'm sure it's not what I wanted. They gave me a partial refund, but refused to do anything about the windows. So, I'm stuck with these ones. The price was good at least, and they work fine. I might even go with Crystal the next time, but I'm going to avoid the dealer.

2010 - Evan - Buyer - Virginia

Bot Up To Par

Crystal's products are just not up to par. They're low quality is best left to using in rentals and as a temporary fix. If you want something for your own home that will last, don't go with them. It takes way too much work (caulking, silicone filling) in order to get them to be a decent fit and that just makes them look horrible. You could pick pretty much anything else and get a better deal.

2010 - Bryan - Past Customer

Past Customer Opinion

I have Crystal windows in my new home and they have been really great so far. I even get tax credit since they have energy efficiency. Plus, my energy billing has been lower in comparison to the smaller house I used to live in. Impressive.

2011 - Roger - Past Customer - New York

I'm on the lookout for a good product to replace 12 double hungs and convert 2 windows to a bay. My search has gotten me 3 quotes so far. Two of them (Alside Excalibur and United 4800 series) were about the same price, while the Crystal Series 200 quote was around half of what the other offered. I can make a final decision because I don't know enough about them, the differences or which one comes better recommended. When I talked to the United rep, they said that they don't nail their windows in but use shims and caps. Does that make a difference and is it better? I like the warranty on the Excaliburs and I don't have much on the Crystals, but such a low price makes me wary of them.

2012 - Alayna - Past Customer

[Response To Past Customer]

My work has made me pretty familiar with all kinds of windows like Sunrise, Simonton, Soft-Lite, OKNA and Gorell. Each come with varying window series: Premium, standard and bargain. If you come across prices that are really different when you get quotes, it's likely that they aren't in the same lines. I would compare features first to see what quality your dealing with before taking the pricing into account. Honestly, I don't recommend any of the brands you're looking at to you or anyone.

2012 - Mark - Installer - Delaware

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