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New Construction Windows vs Replacement Windows

Many people aren't completely sure of the difference between new construction windows vs. replacement windows. The fact of the matter is there really isn't much difference between them, except when it comes to degree of difficulty with the installation.

The Window

The only noticeable difference between the two windows is that new windows will have a nailing flange or fin attached (while a replacement will not). The flange or nailing fin fits at the top and sides of the window, allowing it to be secured in place in the frame. Pocket and insert replacements don't have a nailing flange - these windows are simply placed into an opening and typically have screw holes that secures them within the opening. The majority of window manufactures will sell replacement windows with a new construction option as an optional feature.

The Installation

There is a big difference in the installation of these two options that makes the new construction window costlier. New construction windows are more expensive because they require more work. An installer will need to nail the flange or fin to the wall, they will then need to seal and caulk the window. Often, flashing or house wrap is used as a moisture barrier and a sill pan is placed at the bottom of the window - thereby enabling water to seep away if it should ever get inside the opening. Then there is also the interior and exterior trim that needs to be worked on, ensuring the window is visually appealing.

Price Comparisons

You can expect to pay the following:

New Construction Windows - $250 to $450 an opening

Standard Replacements - $100 to $150 an opening

Pocket Inserts - $50 to $75 an opening

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