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Serious Windows Reviews

Read Serious windows reviews from homeowners and contractors to find out whether their window models and series are right for your next replacement project.

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Ideal For New Jersey?

I'm buying 15 double hungs and a couple of awning windows for a basement in New Jersey. My contractors made a number of suggestions, one of them being the Serious 501 window. Can anyone provide some insight on the strengths and weaknesses of their products.

Tony - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Serious windows are good, but not necessarily as good as some other brands out there. They are also very expensive and not the best value for the money in my opinion. is not bad, it is just not as good as some of the premium brands and is often marketed at a very high price. Consumers can pay high prices are okay windows and others can spend a modest sum and get a great window. Get at least three estimates and then compare from there to see how the Serious compares to some of the other fiberglass models. Take a look at the Marvin Infinity and Integrity options.

Bradley - Contractor - from 2011

Product Information

Serious makes three series of fiberglass windows. The 725 is the cheapest, but it's still more expensive than most vinyl windows. I heard that they're coming out with a less expensive version that uses Argon gas instead of Krypton to insulate the panes and uses a different foam filling. What I like about fiberglass is being able to keep u-values low while taking advantage of solar gain. Passive solar heating is good for the environment and your energy bills. They are going to run about 20% higher than a Marvin Integrity.

Kori - Serious Window Seller - from 2009

Serious vs. Inline

I have installed some of the better fiberglass windows from both Inline and Serious. Inline, like SoftLite, makes anything. They have an option for insulated frames, dual suspended film, etc. I don't think they look very good, though. They tend to be wide and square. The Serious windows have much better numbers and look better. I would almost always go with fiberglass instead of vinyl, and Serious over Inline.

Buddy - Contractor - from 2009

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