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Crestline Windows Reviews

Read Crestline windows reviews from past customers and experienced installers who know this brand and product. Check out our window replacement cost estimator.

Company Issues

We had Crestline in our old home, which I was more than happy with. We ended up with Norandex vinyl windows in our new home, which I do not like. There have been so many issues with them and even more with the company itself. They make it difficult for you to get anything repaired, which a lot of things needed, and I've just never been happy with them. Leon - Past Customer - 2005

Customer Dissatisfaction

We decided to go with Crestline when we built our house a year ago. It was a bad decision because we had leaks and fogged up windows within the first few months. Crestline is horrible with customer service as they didn't uphold their side of the warranty and I got tossed around to one person after another, getting several excuses why they couldn't do anything. I'm never going to go to them again for anything. Jeremy - Past Customer - Wisconsin - 2010

A Customer Fan

We had Crestlines in our old home and didn't experience any issues. I'm not sure which manufacturer made the windows in our new house, but they're awful. When we do replace them, it will be with Crestlines. These other ones are just terrible to deal with. Leroy - Past Customer - Maryland - 2010

A Number Of Choices

I'm considering Advanced, Feldco, and Champion at the moment but I'm having trouble choosing between them since I can't see a real difference. They all seem pretty nice, but my budget is below the price range for all of them. It's likely that I'll end up choosing Crestline since they seem okay and a lot of the features are similar to premium brands I've seen. They are cheaper, which usually means cheaper material, but the money saved is good. I'd have difficulty deciding on spending more than that. Stewart - Past Customer - 2010

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Rotting Issues

There have been Crestline double-hung windows (aluminum clad) in my house since about 1993. They've had their good share of issues, so I can't say that I ever loved them even though they aren't the worst out there. Recently I saw some water staining under a couple sills, which led me to do some checking. Turns out that a number of my sashes are rotting and I didn't even know it until I pulled out some drywall. Then, I discovered that a part of the window side rails near the bottom is rotting too. Saw a lot of dead bugs too, but that's not what caused it. They continue to leak, and I guess the windows have been doing that for a while, right under my nose. Replacing the window stripping might help and the house had a lifetime coating sprayed, but I'm not sure if this will fix it. If it doesn't stop after that, then the windows are the main problem. Nick - Past Customer - 2010

Replacement Parts

Crestline's windows have caused a lot of problems for home owners. I was recently called into work on some and when I went looking for replacement parts and Crestline said that they didn't have any for that window anymore. The window was barely 9 years old, and they don't have the parts? That shouldn't happen. I would suggest looking at a different window brand. You're bound to find something at a better price and better quality. Chad - Installer - Illinois - 2010

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