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Window Estimate

Finding a quality replacement window estimate provides you wih the chance to determine the price range and scope of your specific project. Every project is different and presents a unique set of challenges that will determine the price of the quote. This is why it's always a good idea to get a minimum of three quotes for your window estimate - to compare and contrast how each contractor and company prices out your project. Requesting a number of quotes, comparing them against each other and taking your time to make an informed decision is the best way to insure you get the best windows and installation for your money.

Steps to Take for a Window Estimate

When a contractor comes out to give you a window estimate they will go around the property measuring each window opening that you want replaced. The condition of the frames and sills will also be noted in the event that any replacements or repairs need to be made. A simple insert will cost around $50.00 to $75.00 for each opening, while standard replacement (requiring some repair work to the frame and sills) can cost around $125.00. Full frame replacement can cost up to $200.00 for each opening.

Contractor Should Present The Options

The contractor will provide you with a quote and should be able to show you samples for each of the windows they are quoting. This allows you to actually see, feel and touch the windows. They will also voice their opinion on which is the best frame and style to use for your project. The cost estimate will be based on the window style, glass package, frame, brand, upgrades and size of your windows. You can request that they break the estimate down per opening and by product and installation cost - this gives you a very clear picture of what each window costs and the labor portion of the project as well.

Final Notes

Your contractor quote should offer the following information. The quote should be broken into window and installation cost, as well as other additional charges that may be required for the project. Information on the windows you have selected and any upgrades that have been chosen. A clear work order or contract that states the warranty of the installation.

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Frame Material
Window Style
Overall Grade Of Window
Installation Type
How Many Windows
Zip Code

Private Policy