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Energy Efficient Windows

What makes an energy efficient window? There are a number of components that go into the process, from the frame to the glass to the components. Explore the basics behind what makes a replacement window energy efficient. Click to discover window costs and how they are affected by the components, glass packages, etc.

Well Made Frame

The frame holds everything together and must we well constructed. Organic materials such as wood will never be as tightly constructed as inorganic materials such as fiberglass and vinyl. That being said, there are hundreds of low end vinyl window makers out there that make less than energy efficient vinyl windows. However, the top end manufactures such as Okna Vinyl Windows and Marvin (fiberglass) produce well designed and constructed frames tht have great corner welds and strong extrusions that minimize energy loss out of the frame.

Quality Low-e Glass

Glass is one area of a window that plays a major role in creating energy efficient windows. Clear glass has no low-e coating and therefore lets in the most heat and/or cold of any glass option out there. Low-e is a special coating that blocks heat and/or cold, but still allows light to enter through the pane of glass. Modern low-e coating techniques will use two or more coatings that work together to achieve different effects based on the the desired result. So, for instance, an area that is very hot and dry will use a certain type of low-e coating and a certain order of the coatings will be used to create a more energy efficient solution. A competent contractor or installer should be able to point out the right combination and option for your home and for each particular window.

Glazing And Seals

Proper glazing and seals help to keep the insulated glass unit completely air tight and working as efficiently as possible. Once the seals start breaking down, the window will see an increase in air infiltration, which is one of the key ratings in a window's overall energy efficiency.

Dual Glass Panes

Dual pane window glass plays a huge role in minimizing energy transfer from the outside to inside of the window opening and vice versa. Dual pane glass is the heart of the IGU or insulated glass unit that keeps the heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter. When the sun's heat hits the outside pane, the IGU (low-e glass, fills, spacer) all work together to dissipate the heat, which has to travel through the glass across the fill and through the next window pane before entering the home.

Fills And Spacers

Argon or krypton fills are inert gasses that are often placed between the dual panes of glass and help to reduce the transfer of energy from one pane to another. The non metallic spacers of today work to separate surfaces to reduce energy transfer and create the necessary air gaps between the two panes of glass that also helps to reduce energy transfer.

Energy Efficient Window Samples

Here are 5 energy efficient windows that we would recommend for consumers and are listed from most affordable to most expensive.

Reliabilt 3500 Series Windows

Simonton 5300 Reviews

Polaris ThermalWeld Window

Okna 800 Series

Soft-Lite Imperial LS

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