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Searching for tools and articles to help you find the best windows for your money? Check out all of our resources that can help you become more educated about the process and the options available to you.

Guide To Hiring Installers

There are five steps to hiring a window installer. When hiring an installer you want the best, you want a contractor and company that will offer you the best quality workmanship. Choosing the right installer is as important as choosing the perfect window with the right performance numbers.

» 5 Keys To Hiring Contractors

Finding Quality Estimates

Finding quality replacement estimates provides you wih the chance to determine the price range and scope of your specific project. Every project is different and presents a unique set of challenges that will determine the price of the quote. This is why it's always a good idea to get a minimum of three quotes.

» Replacement Window Estimates

Pricing And Cost Pages

Find project costs and pricing using the free window replacement cost estimator. Our window calculator asks for 6 specific questions that will give you pricing for for 100s of combinations of replacement project options.

» Windows Cost Estimator

» Hurricane Cost Estimator

» Laminated Windows Cost

» Low-e Costs

Consumer Reports Ratings

Explore our Consumer Reports page and see retail pricing, ratings information and see which replacement window models they recommend for homeowners. Get best buy models for wood clad, vinyl and fiberglass window models.

» Consumer Reports Best Windows

Understanding Performance & Window Ratings

Find out more about the key replacement rating terms and measures when it comes choosing the right window options and for your home. These ratings are important to determine durability and insulation properties.

» Replacement Windows Ratings

» Energy Efficient Options

New Construction Windows vs Replacements

Many people aren't completely sure of the differencse between new construction vs. replacement windows. There isn't much difference between them, except when it comes to installation. The only noticeable difference between the two options is that new windows will have a nailing flange or fin attached.

» New Construction Windows vs Replacement Windows

Buying Replacement Windows

Here are five tips to follow when buying replacements for your home. These are meant to be the pillars for success on your next home improvement project.

» Buying Replacement Windows

Frame Material
Window Style
Overall Grade Of Window
Installation Type
How Many Windows
Zip Code

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