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Double Hung Window Prices & Costs

Double hung windows are the most common style of windows. The installed price ranges from $200 to $950. These windows are named double hung because they have a lower and upper sash, both of which can be moved up or down.

-- Installed Price Range: $200 to $950 --

Cost For A Double Hung Window Itself

Entry Level: $125 to $225

When looking at the entry level option, chances are they will have vinyl frames. These will be available from both retail and home improvement stores. The glass is often a low end low-E glass without any krypton or argon fill. The hardware options will be few and mostly likely use a lower end material. Expect less energy efficient upgrades and performance from a lower grade product.

Mid Range: $225 to $450

A mid range priced product often includes a selection of frame options from fiberglass and aluminium to composite or high end vinyl. You'll find these windows offer a low-E glass package with argon fill, which is more energy efficient than the entry level options. Expect better quality hardware and features on these products.

High End: $450 to $700

The higher end prices are expensive because they are produced by better known manufacturers such as Pella, Marvin and Andersen, to name a few. These windows are usually offered with a fiberglass or aluminium cladding on the outside and a wood frame on the inside, adding to their visual appeal and durability. When it comes to the glass, you can expect top quality low-e pane and multichambered frames with foam fills for better insualtion. Expect top quality hardware and lots of features and upgrades.

Cost To Install The Window

The window installation cost can vary between $65 and $250 for each window. The price depends on what is required when replacing the window. For example, if the opening needs to be altered and the frame or sill needs reinforcing, you can expect to pay between $150 and $250 per window. If you are doing a large job with many replacement windows you may find the price per window is reduced due to volume.

Price Range: $65 to $250 per window

Installed Double Hung Window Cost

Entry Level: $200 to $400

Entry level prices start at $200 and top out at $400 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers
American Craftsman
Jeld Wen

Mid Range: $400 to $700

Mid-range prices start at $400 and top out at $700 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers

High End: $700 to $950

Higher end prices start at $700 and top out at $950 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers
Renewal By Andersen

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