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Read 2 Vinylmax windows reviews from contractors and past customers to see if their products are ideal for your next project.

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Page Last Updated in July 2014

Vinylmax v Sunrise & Polaris

My wife and I bought a home near Minneapolis and the windows are basically shot. I have four quotes so far on 10 big windows.

1. New Windows For America would install Vinylmax Easton with a triple pane glass for $10,600.

2. Great Lakes Windows would install Sunrise windows, I think there standard window frame for $10,700.

3. Universal Windows Direct would install a Polaris window with a uniShield Plus glass package for $10,925.

4. Final company which I cna't remember sells the Soft-Lite Element and they offered a "free" triple pane upgrade - they all came in at $16K and then I told him the ballpark price of the other he dropped it to $13K.

I have my own opinions on who to go with but would like to see what everyone else thinks.

Dave - Homeowner - 2014

[Contractor Reply]

The Soft-Lite seller seems like he is a wheeler dealer, which would make me a little wary, but the Element is the best window of the group by far. The Sunrise is probably second (an upgrade to the Verde or Restorations would be much closer to the Elements), the Polaris is a decent window and the Vinylmax is a step below this. If you trust the SL seller and can get it for $13K or a bit lower, that is probably your best bet.

Gerry - Installer - from 2014

[2nd Contractor Reply]

I would agree that the Element is the best window. Check their website and see if you can find an Elements LS dealer near you to see what price he or she would give you. Those prices seem high, $1000 plus per window - seems like you should be able to get those numbers down a bit.

Johnathon - Contractor - from 2014

Vinylmax v Ply Gem

I have been considering both Plygem and the Vinylmax. Vinylmax seems like the better choice so far, with a stronger build, nice welds and a much longer warranty. Plygem has a 25 year warranty, while Vinylmax's is a lifetime. I'd have to pay $60 more per window for the Vinylmax though, and I'm still not sure if that extra amount is really worth it. I don't have any issues paying that much unless it's a waste.

Max - Past Customer - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

Do you know what the number ratings are for each window? You'll want to look at those in order to determine if it's worth buying. Take a look at SHGC, DP, U-value and AI. I'm not familiar with Vinylmax, while I'm familiar with Plygems. Vinylmax seems to have good features, but I do feel more comfortable with Plygem since a familiar company is someone I'm more likely to trust. Also, Plygem does have lifetime warranties.

Horace - Installer - 2012

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