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Sunrise Windows Reviews

Learn more about all this company with our Sunrise windows reviews from past customers and installers who have experience concerning the quality and their customer service. Discover more on window prices and costs.

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Review For Restorations

There are plenty of good reviews out there for Marvin windows. There have lots of variety in each Marvin line and can stand up to plenty of the other brands available despite similarities in features. There is an exception to this, however, with Sunrise's Restoration. They have a much lower rating for AI. People tend to forget that there is a performance downgrade with 10 plus year old windows and ones in a showroom. Marvin windows are going to satisfy pretty much anyone since they perform well and offer good customer services. You'd do well with Okna or Sunrise as well. Be willing to pay a little more for your windows and you'll find that it's totally worth it thanks to quality performance.

Sam - Industry Guru - 2010

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Casement Options

If you're in the market for casements, then you should check out brands like Gorell, Sunrise, Softlite and Okna. Sunrise has a new line out that has a really thin profile, possibly one of the thinnest out thre and great for letting in light and optimizing your glass area. If you're going to get a vinyl window with wood grain finishing, then you can't stain the white ones and get the look that you were hoping for. Milgard and the Marvins might be a little more expensive, but if you can afford it I would suggest looking at their fiberglass windows.

Garret - Virginia Installer - 2010

Sunrise and PGT

It would be great if PGT had triple pane windows but they don't. I still like PGT better than Sunrise, even though they have plenty of similarities. I like Sunrise's MaxEdge Spacer. It all comes down to prices and what kind of install you can get to decide which one you go with. Both companies have very solid products and you'll be pretty happy.

Ethan - Installer - 2010

Restoration and the Harvey Tribute

We plan on replacing a lot of the windows in our home soon. We need double hung windows in standard and smaller sizes, some basement hoppers plus a slider. We plan on doing the whole house, but we're focusing on the upper floor right now. We have quotes for hoppers, kitchen sliders and double hungs from Harvey Tribute ($390, $450, $490 each) and Sunrise Restorations ($250, $420, $465 each). Which should I choose?

Tina - Homeowner - from 2011


Sunrise has good windows. If the price you got is the final amount for the installation, then you're getting a nice deal. The Harveys are definitely low quality to the Sunrise, by the way.

Brent - Installer - 2010

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Sunrise and Simonton

I have been looking at windows for a while now and I can't decide whether to go with Simonton's 5500, Sunrise or the CertainTeed's Bryn Mawr 3. I like the look and the warranty of the Sunrise as well as the welding and quality. I'm interesting in two of the likes Simonton offers. They have one called Reflections and another called Impressions, and I'd go with either. They have a good pricing and could be at the same level as Sunrise with some updates. Bryn Mawr seems good, but I'm wary of them now that I've heard about some issues with quality control.

Matt - Installer - Delaware - 2010

Sunrise Verde and Restoration Series Review

I've been learning more about Sunrise's Verde and their Restoration Series. Verde has been known to sag and even though their warranty covers this it's still not good. You should get the reinforcement option if you decide on Verde to help with that. You'll get a better quality and more features with the Restorations. Both are top rated vinyl windows and whichever you decide on depends on what kind of deal and quality of installation you can get.

Stewart - Installer - 2012

Sunrise's Elements Series

I prefer Sunrise's Elements of the LS. I really like the upgrades as well as options you can get, and the AI rate is .01. If you're comparing Elements and LS regardless of install and price, then the Element ranks a little higher.

Pete - Installer - 2012

Sunrise and Other Brands

Brands like Sunrise, Polaris, Softlite and HiMark are all thought of as elite among vinyl windows. This could or could not mean that they are better than Pella, Marvin, Andersen and other big wigs in the market. I'm not really sure, to be honest. I do know that whichever dealer you go to will ultimately determine your experience. I've been to a number of dealers who have sold windows from Simonton, Alside and especially Sunrise. I've liked my experience with the Sunrise dealers, but they don't own the place anymore so it's probably different now.

Rickie - Installer - 2012

Verde and Energex

I'm currently considering some windows within the same price range. In the line-up is Sunrise's Verde, some American Windows products and Homeguard's Innovations. The last two have some local Indiana business. What are the general opinions on these? I asked someone from a company who has all three windows offered and they said Homeguard and Verde were pretty similar. He also said American Windows were better.

Abby - Past Customer - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

The designs for both Verde and Energex Innovations is very similar, though there are tons of features for Verde that the other dos not have. On the other hand, you have the Elite series just out from Affinity that is just great. It's a great improvement from what we've seen coming out of that company previously.

Robert - Installer - 2012

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