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Reliabilt Windows Reviews

Explore Reliabilt windows reviews and find out how their models, series and customer service is rated by homeowners and professional installers. For pricing information, check out our Reliabilt windows pricing page and get window model and series information, as well as suggested installed costs.

Editor's Reliabilt Window Review

Reliabilt windows are made by Atrium, which confuses a lot of consumers at first. The practice of rebranding or rebadging a window is a fairly common practice in the industry. In fact, Atrium manufacturers windows for several well known companies, including Norandex and Ellison windows. The Reliabilt brand is sold at Home Depot and Lowes and is considered one of the better options for consumers within this "retail" space. Stay away from their lower end models, but their better windows such as the 3500 is a decent vinyl window.

Good installation becomes all the more important when buying from the big box stores and consumers need to be wary of using the installers provided by these stores. Typically the subcontractors they use are paid per window, meaning that they make more money installing the windows quickly (as opposed to thoroughly). This isn't to say that there aren't good installers through these big stores, but consumers do need to be careful. You would probably be better off to hire a local installer who you pay a good hourly wage and who will do the installation properly.

Editor - from 2014

Reliabilt Or MI Windows

In my professional opinion. MI windows are just plain bad. They actually do have several decent features on their 1650 double hung, which I belive is their top vinyl window. However, it is a very poorly designed window that feels flimsy in my hands and gets an air infiltration rating in excess of .20, which is not good. There are much better opinions out there at that same price point - the top vinyl window from Reliabilt is decent and should be available in your area. Also check to see if the Milgard Slimline is available. Be aware that MI windows is the same as Xact and Cutting Edge - very confusing for the consumer.

Brad - Contractor - from 2014

Reliabilt Doors

We bought an entry door from Reliabilt that ended up costing us about $1300. That's pretty low in comparison to some brands we considered. An installer I know recommended Millgard doors over the Reliabilt. I'm regretting my decision to go with Reliabilt. There were some construction issues with the door; a side leg was too short; which made the installation challenging. We had to make some adjustments to the header. The problems weren't monumental, but I shouldn't have had to go through that after paying what I did. Reliabilt said the problem was not their responsibilty, which annoyed me.

Ivan - Past Customer - 2014

Good Quality Windows

We live out in Southern Californian in the high desert and have been looking at Milgards, PlyGem, Simonton and Reliabilt. I want to know how these four compare to one another.

Dillan - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

Make sure to ask about Simonton's Asure line while you're there. It's kind of new on the market, but better in comparison to Reliabilt. Both the Milgard and PlyGem are better than Atrium or Reliabilt. Vinyl windows typically get the lifetime warranties these days, as well as the lower-end windows. How a company honors that warranty, however, is going to differ. Anyway, you're going to be sending off money to somewhere that's not local, most likely. I don't have much luck finding vinyl window options at my own local lumberyards, but siding suppliers might have some. The Plygems at Lowes offered competitive pricing.

Melvin - Installer - 2010

Bad Reliabilt Experience

My experience with Reliabilt windows was kind of unpleasant. We received 12 vinyl windows that we ordered only to find that 3 of them had crooked grids while another's screen was torn up. The assembly of the patio door was just as bad as the three windows. How does Lowes typically handle things like this in your experience? Do they help reassure and fix the issues you have? I've already installed everything in my house, except my contractor needs to put in the door. Who should I expect to come regarding the issues with my Reliabilt products? Please share your experiences and what you think of Lowes customer services.

Kathy - Past Customer - 2010

Reliabilt 3200 Review

I had my bedroom's double window replaced recently, back in September. There was originally a 1995 window in there, construction grade. I went with Reliabilt 3200 for the replacement and got a low-e Argon as well. We were really happy with how well it filtered the sunlight during the warmer months, but now winter's creeping in and there's this whistling. I usually don't mind a little noise, but this is loud enough to keep us awake. I've been trying for three weeks to get Lowes to help, but having little luck. I'm going to record the whistling noise and upload it to YouTube if nothing's done soon. Once I finally get Lowes attention, what should I ask for? Should I get a refund and go elsewhere? I'll see about posting the results here once I get them.

Gerald - Past Customer - Missouri - 2010

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Consumer Reports

I am fully aware of what Consumer Reports' view of Reliabilt's 5600 vinyl window is after reading up on it, and I'm interested in this brand. The 5600, unfortunately, is no longer found at Lowes or anywhere else as far as I know. Can I get any advice on what to look for instead of the 5600? Do they still have a window that's similar or even better? Lowes told me that this would be the 3201, but I wanted to check.

Giles - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

If I were you, I wouldn't pay attention to Consumer Reports, or most of the windows you can find at box stores for that matter. You just need to do a quick browse on this very site and you'll find many product options that are much better, both for installed work and the diy's.

Tony - Installer - 2010

Survivor 7100 Review

I'm getting the Survivor 7100 from Reliabilt to replace all of the windows in my house. I ddid a lot of research and since I was impressed with the Consumer Reports rating for Reliabilt's 5600, I decided on the 7100. They were rated as the best vinyl windows in the Consumer Reports and got a 73 rating. I looked at Pella's Thermastar, and it's score was 44. Have a look at Consumer Reports to learn more.

Deanna - Past Customer - 2008


I wouldn't rely on Consumer Reports for my window shopping info at all. It's misleading since they are limited in their product tests. You only get results for windows available at retail stores. With so many window manufacturers in the USA, that's a significantly small number close to .006%. That is definitely not a good indication of what's really good out there.

Louie - Installer - 2008

Reliabilt v Atrium

From my experience installing Atriums and Reliabilts that come out of the NC plant, I would say that these windows are good quality. The delivery time is pretty decent too, and you get excellent customer services too. There is a limit to the glass options, unfortunately, but they have good options for my southeast location. Check to see if your windows qualify for tax credit too. Atrium isn't the highest grade, but somewhere in the middle with decent quality and pricing.

Brady - Installer - 2007

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