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Okna Windows Reviews

Read 17 Okna windows reviews and discover information and details from both past customers and installers. Refer to our page on Okna windows prices for pricing and model reviews on the Precision Weld 400, Insul-Tec 500, EnviroStar 800 and the Starmark 900 Series.

Page Last Updated October, 2014

Editor's Okna Windows Review

Okna makes some of the best vinyl windows out there, particularly the Okna 800 Series. The Okna 500 windows are less expensive than the 800 Envirostar and perhaps one of the best value vinyl window on the market. The Okna 400 Series is their entry level vinyl window and, although it lacks some of the nicer features of the 500 and 800 series, it is one of the top entry level windows you could go with. They also make an Okna 700 Series Casement and a 750 Series Awning, both of which get very good reviews from installers and homeowners alike. Essentially all of the vinyl models they make are very solid.

The other option is the Okna Starmark, which is a composite frame that is often in the conversation for the top composite window available. It is a somewhat bulky window, but it offers fantastic performance numbers and great craftsmanship. Not many consumers know about Okna because they don't do the sort of national marketing campaigns like a Window World or Jeld Wen and they aren't available in the big box stores. You won't find them included in Consumer Reports window ratings, but for the right price they should definitely be on your short list.

In terms of where to buy Okna windows, the company is headquartered in Pennsylvania and sells through distributors throughout the eastern and mid west states. Unfortunately, they aren't yet available out west - check out our best replacement windows 2014, which includes some good west coast options. The Okna window warranty is a Limited Lifetime warranty on the vinyl frame and sash, insulated glass and hardware. The warranty is transferrable is you sell your home (or buy a home with Okna already installed).

Okna 500 or Affinity Elite

I've had the opportunity of working with the Affinity Elite and the Okna 500 windows and this is what I have found. When it comes to air leaking rates, the Okna 500 wins hands down. With a .02 leakage rate, the Affinity is unable to beat it. That's pretty impressive considering that the 500 isn't the top . Also it's good to note that this window can handle winds of just over 170 miles per hour.

Next looking at the U-Factors. I found the Affinity has a U-Factor of .27, while the Okna 500's U-Factor is .25. That being said the Affinity has a double pane which offers .24. The problem that I found is that Affinity use a low e hard coat that scratches and has a reduced condensation resistance. Okna on the other hand use a 45 degree miter screen that's elegant and stylish, where the Affinity screen is square cornered and not at all visually appealing.

If you put the two windows against each other you can see the difference in the casements straight away. Looking at the 800 series, which is a better model than the 500, it offers a composite sash, magnetic seal and sash interlock. The Affinity uses "fuzzy pads" in the sash corners, which aren't used by the higher end window manufacturers. Overall I think the Affinity is a fairly decent window, but there are many other window choices available if you have the time to look around.

Timothy - Contractor - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

Personally I like the Affinity window, but there aren't many people that will say it's a better option over Okna. Most dealers will offer Affinity to customers that feel the Okna comes with a heavy price tag and want something a little cheaper. What I can't understand is why the Affinity is compared to the Okna 500 in the first place. The Affinity is a top of the range window, which the Okna 500 is the middle of the range. That being said the middle of the range Okna still offers fantastic U-Factor and air infiltration ratings. Okna have a good reputation and have been around for many years (around twenty), Affinity is still a newer window, which has only been around a short time, and this would be a huge deciding factor if I was a purchaser. I would consider either for my home though, I feel they are both good vinyl windows and are both good upper end vinyl choices.

John - Contractor - from 2013

okna 500 vs 800 series

We're in need of some advice for our home that needs 25 windows replaced. Our installer keeps recommending Harvey Tribute window and he's being persistent about it, but I happen to like Okna 500 and 800 series better. I'm a fan of their performance, numbers ratings and how they look. Then again, I also saw how great a Tribute can be with all the bells and whistles (tons of options with grids, krypton, triple panes, etc.), quoting at $390 when installed. Seems like a great deal. Some of our windows need to be smaller orders, which would be cheaper. But, I'm not just concerned with the price. I want something good too, and I want what I do pay to be worth every penny.

Fred - Past Customer - Pennsylvania - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

You should definitely go with something like the Okna 500 window. I'm not saying that Harvey is a lousy choice, just that Okna 500 is much better. The dealer and installer you choose for the job heavily influence the end-price, so be careful when you shop around for those. The cheapest dealer is best, but installers have to be good or you'll get a bad install that will cause issues. Don't skimp on the installer or they will skimp on you.

Percy - Installer - Wisconsin - 2012

Harvey Window Reviews

[2nd Contractor Response]

Harvey Tribute's might be okay to go with, but you would getting a better window with Okna. The 500 offers pretty good ratings with a.25 U-factor, 50 DP structural and about .02 for air leaks. In comparison, Harvey's ratings are .30 for U-factor, 30 for DP and .1 for air leaks. Harvey just can't compare.

Vernon - Contractor - New Jersey - 2012

Sunrise and Okna

Okna and Sunrise can easily be compared when it comes to their higher-grade lines. They both offer really good windows, even their basic ones. Those are noticeably better than a majority of the brands available, even ones that boast premium labels.

George - Installer - 2012

Okna or Soft-Lite

I'm getting really tired of looking at windows now, but I still have no idea. I need to replace 16 of my windows and have only barely narrowed my choices down. Can someone please tell me more about Okna 500's Insul-Tec and the Softlite Imperial LS? The quotes for each are in the $9000 range, with Okna more expensive. Opinions anyone?

Roger - Past Customer - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

Since they are each really good choices in terms of endurance and build, I'd go with either. Get a good installer and see which one they prefer to install. With a good install and one of these windows, you'll have them for a long time with the minimal amount of issues.

Ralph - Installer - 2012

[2nd Response]

Both are great. I'm partial to SoftLite. They have great deals and a decent company. They have good Edgetech's Super Spacers. They're also easy to re-glaze should you need it. Okna is dependable as well, with good windows. Pick your favorite installer and the one you ultimately go with will follow from there.

Seamus - Installer - 2012

Okna 800 Reviews

I don't doubt that the Okna 800 is among the best windows. It's got to be top 4, maybe 5 among vinyl windows. It's a double pane window with a .25 U-value, .01 AI, and a 60 DP. A lot of their competitors would have a hard time beating that. Simonton has solid windows with few issues but there's nothing special about them. Okna offers features and different options that make them a class higher. They can be compared to other windows like Gorel 5300, Soft-Lite Elements and Sunrise Restoration Series.

Joseph - Industry Expert - 2011

Okna 400 Window Reviews

I went to a dealer who gave me quotes for Okna's 400, the Precision Weld and for Gorell 5100. I need 10 windows total, in different sizes and design like double hung and sliders. I'd have to pay $5750 for the Oknas and $5950 for Gorells. The dealer recommended Okna more than Gorell and said that Okna's sliders are cheaper. Putting aside pricing for the moment, what would you recommend out of the two? Should I go with one of those or keep looking?

Maurice - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

You could go with Gorell which has a decent window, but Okna would be the better choice. They're just in a different class. They price them really well too, and the energy efficiency is high. Get a great install and you'll be more than happy with them.

Ron - Installer - 2010

[2nd Response]

Go with Okna. You would be fine with Gorell, true, but I recommend taking a look at Okna 500s. You might pay a little more for those, but it's not much more and the product is great. I've worked with both Gorell and Okna over the years and would say Okna is my choice overall. I don't really have anything against Gorell. It's just that Oknas products are better in my opinion. I like the quote estimate for both, though, pretty good.

Murray - Installer - 2010

More on Gorell windows reviews.

Gerkin vs Okna

I have about 10 windows that need to be replaced, along with a patio door. I am looking at Okna, which seems to get good remarks as well as Gerkin windows which seems to be a smaller operation.

Jean - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

The Gerkin AI number of .05 is only in their single hungs, not the double hung, but it's still an impressive number. Okna is a better choice, but it certainly depends on the price they quote you. Get quotes on both and then compare them. Either choice should be good, assuming a solid install.

Harry - Contractor - from 2010

Okna Starmark Windows Reviews

I've come across tons of information online and elsewhere for Okna windows. I looked at Starmark and thought the frame was too thick. The 500 and their 800 seem very similar frame-wise. I prefer the 800 out of these two because it has lifting rails that look better with a magnetic seal. I mainly decided that I don't like 500 because you can see the lock from outside the window, which isn't very safe. Basically, I prefer 800. It's going to cost me more, but that's worth it for the features I want. It also qualifies for tax credit, while 500 doesn't, so that's a major plus.

Stewart - Past Customer - 2009

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