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Milgard Windows Reviews

Read Milgard windows reviews - learn from past customers and installers how these windows stack up to other manufacturers within the same area of the market. For detailed pricing information, refer to our Milgard windows prices on many of their models and series.

Milgard Classic

I live in South CA and have gotten two bids for window replacements so far. We need to replace a lot of windows (60), so the price is going to be a lot no matter what. There was a big difference in the quotes, though, with Milgard Classic being $32,000 while CertainTeed's New Castle was below $23,000. Does this difference indicate a better quality with Milgard, or just overpricing? I've been impressed with the CertainTeed people and how helpful they can be. Milgard's salesman has been lousy and doesn't get back to me. I'm just not sure if this should be the deal maker, even though customer service is significant.

Erich - Past Customer - 2005

[Contractors Reply]

Don't judge Milgard on that customer service, because they are better overall. I would look for a different dealer, because you don't have to go with that one in order to get Milgard. You can find someone who's nice and helpful. CertainTeeds are just a big no for me. They have lots of issues and the company isn't particularly helpful in that aspect.

Bran - Installer - 2005

Amsco vs Milgard

Even though I like what Amsco has to offer, I would have to say that I prefer Milgard over them. I would choose Amsco over Simonton though. They aren't as good as Simonton. You'll get a pretty good deal for doing a larger amount of windows at once. The bills can stack up if you plan on doing it one at a time.

Sean - Past Customer - Colorado - 2005

Great Lakes Bayshore and Milgard Tuscany Review

I'm considering Bayshore from Great Lakes and Milgard's Tuscany. I think Bayshore is okay, but not particularly impressive. The price is a bit much. The Milgards always seem to hold up, have good design and fewer problems over the years. I'm probably going to decide on Tuscany as the better choice.

Willard - Installer - 2008

The Tuscany Series Review

I feel like I've been looking at hundreds and hundreds or windows during my search. You name it, I probably considered it. So, considering all the different numbers and the features offered, I think I've found what I want with the Milgard Tuscany. The AI is pretty good and their extended performance package impressed me, since it improves the numbers. The color's nice too, with less green in the beige and a darker hue that I like and haven't really found with other companies.

Henry - Past Customer - Ohio - 2009

Marvin Infinity and Milgard Ultra Comparison

I've been working with both Milgard Ultra and Marvin Infinity for a while now. They both seem pretty decent, but have their pros and cons. The casement is good on each, though Infinitiy's double hung is better. Milgard's warranty is impressive, but at the same time it makes me wary of the windows and the company. It's nice that you have window issues covered, but a big warranty can imply that the window is going to have a lot of them and the company is covering for these issues rather than preventing them. When it comes to these two windows, though, I still think that you could be happy choosing either.

Ben - Installer - 2009

Milgard vs Gerkin

Arizona customers come to me a lot with questions concerning how aluminum windows hold up to the desert weather. From my experience, frames that are thermally broken tend to do pretty well in Arizona. You can find this window type with Gerkin or Milgard. Both do a really good job with their products and customer service. You can definitely go with either one.

Rudy - Window Installer - 2010

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Unsatisfied Customer

I'm fully aware that there are plenty of great window reviews out there for Milgards, but our experience with them has been really, really bad. I blame what happened, firstly, on the install. It seems that the Milgards we got were installed pretty poorly, and a lot of them have already started leaking. We were happy with the fact that Milgard was more than willing to send someone out immediately, but the results of their work have been a big downside to that. Fixing also seems to mean mess things up in their books. Our windows look really bad now, with globs of caulk all over like wads of chewed gum. It's starting to peel too, so the fix was only temporary. We have no idea why this has gone so poorly for us, but I really regret paying so much for something so disastrous. Milgards won't get a recommendation from me.

Danielle - Past Customer - 2010

Milgard Fiberglass Reviews

You can find two different fiberglass series, Woodclad and Ultra, from Milgard. Woodclad understandably has a wood veneer for the interior while Ultra has white fiberglass. Both have hefty price tags attached, though slightly higher in price compared to Marvin Integrity or Andersen 100. In terms of construction quality and customer service, these Milgard windows are in league with the Marvin and Andersen lines mentioned. So, while Milgard's fiberglass windows give a good impression, they just aren't worth paying more for.

Stanley - Installer - 2010

Warranties And Dealing With Dealers

We decided to go with Milgard based on a number of reasons: Reputation, Product, Warranty. We're not regretting out decision so far. We don't have any drafts or other problems. The one thing we haven't liked is the dealer we decided on. They've been a nightmare. They got a lot of our orders wrong, windows were all wrong in sizing and there was one problem after another. I'm happy with the windows I have, of course, but I just wouldn't go with this dealer ever again.

Gavin- Past Customer - 2010

Milgard and Simonton

My home is close to Phoenix, so I live in a desert. I want windows -- sliders particularly -- that will be great for this kind of environment, but I'm not sure what to go with. I've been looking at Milgard's Tucany and Simonton 7300. They seem to be similar in price and I like the look of both as well as the warranties, which is why I'm having some difficulty deciding. Milgard glides more smoothly, while the Simonton slider has a frame that's narrower with larger panes. It also allows for more natural lighting. Any advice?

Terrance - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

I'm a fan of either Milgard or Simonton. They each have a good reputation and make some good products. The installer you get will be the tricky part, but if you get a good one then you'll be more than happy working with them. Don't worry about choosing between Milgard or Simonton. You can choose either one.

Bert - Installer - 2010

[2nd Response]

I'm a bigger fan of Simontons personally. I think that they are better than Milgard or Simonton. Milgard has a loos frame and a dull look. Simonton costs a little bit more, but you'll get something with more personality to it as a result.

Shayne - Past Customer - 2010

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Anlin and Milgard

People on the West coast seem to be fans of Anlin. You'll find plenty who like Milgards, of course, but Anlins have a nice reputation too. I would compare quotes from each before making a decision, rather than going on one quote. I think that Milgard and Anlin have plenty in common and customers would be pretty happy with each. Just decide on whichever you like best, because I like the look and build of both.

Joel - Installer - 2012

Milgard and Amerimax

The quotes I'm getting for the two windows I need to replace are confusing me more and more. I would replace more of my windows, but I'm on a budget and can only afford to replace the worst ones that leak right now. So, finding a good price is very important to me. Milgards is offering me a quote for 3 and Amerimax gave me a quote for 2 MIs. I came across Andersen's Series 100 while I was looking over the Milgards once more, and I really like them. They seem to be good in Arizona weather, or that's what one installer told me. Not sure.

Alex - Past Customer - Arizona - 2012

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