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Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

Read 14 Jeld Wen windows reviews from past customers and experienced installers concerning the reputation and product/company comparison of their products. For pricing, go to our page on Jeld Wen window pricing.

Page Last Updated August, 2014

Editor's Jeld Wen Windows Review

Jeld wen is a large nation wife manufacturer with lots of models and series. In general their products are considered just okay. They are probably a step below Milgard or Simonton in terms of quality and craftsmanship. They aren't bad, but there are better options for most homeowners at the same price point. Their wood windows are quite nice looking, although again for the price consumers could probably do better.

Editor's Reviews

Best Windows

I own a condo out at Mammoth Lakes and need some window replacements. Since I'm in northern CA, winter can be pretty cold. I want windows that are energy efficient so this isn't a problem. I've been considering Jeld-Wen as well as Milgard, but not sure which to choose. I want them to last, especially with the windy and snowy days. Price isn't really an issue.

Patricia - Past Customer - California - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

If you're not worried about cost, then you should consider a SoftLite, Gorell or Sunrise. If they're available in your area, then I would choose them over Jeld Wens and Milgard. Milgard might have a good reputation, but those brands I suggested have great energy efficiency and they'll last a while.

Gavin - Installer - 2012

Siteline EXvs Kolbe

I was in need of some wood clads, double hungs for a remodel. We considered Kolbe Ultra and the Classic, but also Jeld-Wen's window line, the Siteline EX. During our hunt, we soon discovered that the Siteline is falsely advertised as extruded aluminum when it's actually aluminum rolling. You get actual extruded aluminum with Kolbe Ultras, which will be less problematic. The Kolbe Classic and Sitline seem similar to each other, plus they both have aluminum rolling and similar pricing. Ultras would cost a little more ($2K total). Is that extra pricing worth it? Which one should I go for?

Heather - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

I would definitely choose the Ultra. I am not a fan of Jeld Wens, and rolled aluminum is just not a good idea. Kolbe Ultras are really well designed and will hold up to daily wear. In order to get started, Jeld Wen took ownership some low quality companies, which would be fine except that they haven't really improved anything since then. Houses that have Jeld Wens have many issues. If you can only afford that, then fine, but you're not going to be particularly happy with them.

Miles - Installer - 2011

[2nd Reply]

Comparing those is pretty much impossible. Even if you compare Jeld Wen's best with Kolbe's cheapest, you'd end up going with the Kolbe. You could go with either the Ultra or the Classic, but I would not go with the aluminum rolling.

Henry - Installer - 2011

Customer Complaint

I got Jeld Wens at Home Depot and I'm regretting it. The windows have been causing so many problems. One of the windows was damage on the first delivery and the one they replaced it with was damaged too, so we had to send both back. The sliders weren't going in the right direction and another wound up narrower than we asked for. A lot of time was wasted to get the replacements alone and if we hadn't gotten discounts and refunds it would have been a total disaster. They need to have better packaging than the flimsy plastic wrap and cardboard they use. I'm glad that they have been nice, but everything else has been a very bad experience with the problems.

Kevin - Past Customer - Texas - 2010

Jeld Wen In My Victorian Home

I needed solid wood customs for my Victorian home renovation, which I bought through Jeld Wen. That was a big mistake, since I've had so much trouble. The glass close to the locks cracked in three of the windows our first winter, which couldn't be replaced through the warranty because glass isn't part of the deal. Glass shouldn't last less than a season! Now I have to pay $1000 to get the new glass. I can't believe they have such bad service and would do this to a customer. We won't be going back to them again, no matter what.

Renee - Past Customer - DC - 2010

Jeld Wen and Pella

I had considered ordering Jeld-Wens, before I went to a showroom to check out Pella windows with my quote and was stunned by how nice they were. They look pretty nice, are good quality and aren't as much as the Jeld-Wens. I decided to order Pella Architect in the end, since I liked how well-made they were. Jeld-Wens I considered were rolled aluminum, which tends to dent more easily. These Pella windows have extruded wood clad with aluminum instead, which is more sturdy and keeps water out better..

Devin - Past Customer - 2010

Jeld Wen Or Simonton

I'm trying to decide between Simonton Prism Platinum or the Jeld-Wen Builders Vinyl. I need 17 double hungs, 2 picture windows, and a slider. Both have some of the same or similar features and benefits (Low-E, tax credit qualifications, warranties). Price isn't really an issue, I'm just looking for the best.

Myrna - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractors Reply]

Going with the Simonton Prisms will give you windows with sturdy frames, more durability and fewer issues. They tend to cost more than the Jeld Wens, however. But, since you aren't too concerned with the price, I would suggest going with Simontons. It's a great choice.

Ralph - Installer - Texas - 2009

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Hurd vs. Pozzi

Pozzi is the top line offered with Jeld-Wen. Pozzi is better than Hurd windows, though they are good. Hurd's warranty is good, but since they are now in the ownership of another company they have made it pretty much worthless. A lot of installers and dealers are understandably mad, and have ceased business with Hurd as a result. Pozzis is your best option.

Timothy - Industry Insider - 2009

Jeld Wen or Ply Gem

Anyone have advice on choosing between Plygems and Jeld Wen vinyls? I want to get Energy Star certified windows and I want them to be fit the federal tax rebate requirements. I need these for am Idaho home, which means a hot and dry summer with mild winter.

Lynda - Past Customer - Idaho - 2009

[Contractors Reply]

Neither of them is particularly good. They aren't the worst, but not something I'd recommend. There are some Plygems that are good, like the lines they bought from Great Lakes which are okay. The ones formerly known as CertainTeeds aren't good though. I suppose that Plygem ranks higher than Jeld Wen, though, if you're set on choosing one of the two. I suggest continuing your search, though, because I wouldn't choose either.

Melvin - Installer - 2009

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