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Best Vinyl Replacement Windows

Discover the best vinyl replacement windows from reviews and opinions from contractors, installers and homeowners. Read our product analysis and find links to more in depth pages on each of our highly rated vinyl window models. For pricing information, use our free window cost calculator.

Sunrise Restorations Series

The Sunrise Restorations series is the high end option from Sunrise and generally considered a top pick from consumers and homeowners. A Fibercore reinforced vertical sash and meeting rail come standard. The tilt sash mechanism is integrated for one hand operation. It also includes a Max Edge spacer, foam filled chambers, and a high transparency screen.

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Soft Lite Imperial LS & Elements LS

These two window series are very similar and they both come highly recommended by contractors and homeowners alike. The Soft-Lite Elements LSS has a few nice upgrades to the Imperial and typically runs $50 to $75 more in price than the Imperial LS. Either window should be an excellent performer and provide some nice long term value. We have noticed that prices can vary dramatically from distributor to distributor so make sure to get several bids in the area if possible to insure you are paying a reasonable cost.

» Soft-Lite Imperial & Elements Pricing

HiMark Enviro Star 800

The Enviro Star Series 800 is one of the best replacement windows when it comes to vinyl windows. Himark is essentially the same window as Okna (although they typically run a bit more, but come with trained Okna window installers). The 800 series offers excellent craftsmanship and design and is always in the mix on the list of contractors and installer picks for top performers, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Okna is not yet available in the western states, so this is limiting for West Coasters.

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Okna Insul Tec Series 500

There are significant differences between the 500 series and the lower end 400 series, especially when it comes to performance and aesthetics. The 500 series comes highly recommended by contractors mostly those that know Okna windows. Okna offers some of the top products even though they are not a well-known brand.

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Amerimax Craftsman Portrait

Amerimax Craftsman is based out of Colorado and has a strong presence out west and throughout states like California and Oregon. Amerimax offers a number of window models and series, but their best offering is the Craftsman Portrait, which is available in tons of frame colors and upgrades. The window offers impressive performance numbers and very solid design.

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Gorell 5300 Series

Gorell is now owned by Soft-Lite, but their products and options have alrgely remained the same, if not improved a bit.a recommended company. The Gorell 5300 series offers superb performance, although the frame is a bit bulkier than some of the other comparable window models.

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Additional Opinions & Reviews

Window Distributor Review

I feel the warranty and service are just as important as quality when looking at the best vinyl replacement windows. Windows should last many years so having a good backup service is essential. On the West Coast I would highly recommend Amerimax, Anlin, Milgard and Simonton, all of which offer good warranties, service and quality.

My highest recommendation is to ensure you have a knowledgeable installer because many problems with windows are due to poor installation and not the windows themselves. After those four I would then recommend Atrium, Superior and Polybau.

Jerome - Window Distributor - 2013

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Opinion from a Window Contractor

I have five window companies I use on a regular basis and haven't experienced any major problems with them so far. Minor issues can be experienced with any window, but I am talking about the smaller things like weather-stripping or damage during shipping, things that are quickly resolved through customer services. The windows I recommend all offer good customer services and warranties and these include Ply Gem, their Great Lakes windows only, Gorell, Simonton, Sunrise and Thermal Industries.

Steven - Window Contractor - 2013

Contractor Opinion

I have four window companies I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to my customers. They are the best vinyl replacement windows in my opinion and include Okna, Gorell, Sunrise and Soft-Lite. I like them all so they are not in preferential order.

Kevin - Contractor - 2013

Opinion On Okna

I am in the process of replacing some windows and are torn between the 800DX and 400DX series from Okna windows. The 800 is obviously more expensive, but is it worth the extra money? Both appear to be nice looking and solid. Advice will be appreciated.

Rob - Consumer - from 2013

[Installer Response]

Both Okna series are quality windows, the 800 is definitely an improvement over the 400 series in terms of performance and appeal. I would recommend you pay the little extra for the better quality window.

Mark - Installer - from 2013

[Second Installer Response]

I understand price plays an important role and the difference between the two will probably be the deciding factor for you. Maybe have a look at their 500 series. The 400 falls into some of the top vinyl windows available, so either way you aren't making a bad decision.

Howie - Installer - from 2013

Installer Opinions

I think it's important to ensure the windows I recommend are quality products with a good warranty. While these aren't the most expensive window choices, all ranging between $500 and $750 per window installed, they are all quality products. My recommendations would include Okna, Soft-Lite, HiMark, PGT on the East Coast, Milgard on the West Coast and Sunrise.

Don - Installer - 2011

Opinion On Gorell

I am a big fan of the Gorell 5300. I would say it's among the best quality vinyl windows available on the market. You could probably compare it to the Vekaplast DH1WW, but that has certain issues that you won't find with this. It's got a sloped still rather than the pocket. Plus, it has glazing beads. Overall, this makes it look and work pretty well. It's going to outlast anything else you consider buying.

Rick - Installer - 2010

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