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Best Replacement Windows According To Contractors

Discover the best replacement windows according to contractors, installers and industry experts.

Okna or Affinity

Personally I like the Affinity window, but there aren't many people that will say it's a better option over Okna windows. Most dealers will offer Affinity to customers that feel the Okna comes with a heavy price tag and want something a little cheaper. What I can't understand is why the Affinity is compared to the Okna 500 in the first place. The Affinity is a top of the range window, which the Okna 500 is the middle of the range. That being said the middle of the range Okna still offers fantastic U-Factor and air infiltration ratings.

Okna have a good reputation and have been around for many years (around twenty), Affinity is still a newer window, which has only been around a short time, and this would be a huge deciding factor if I was a purchaser. I would consider either for my home though, I feel they are both good vinyl windows and are both good upper end vinyl choices.

John - Contractor - from 2013

Sunrise vs Marvin

There are plenty of good reviews out there for Marvin windows. There have lots of variety in each Marvin line and can stand up to plenty of the other brands available despite similarities in features. There is an exception to this, however, with the Sunrise Restoration. They have a much lower rating for AI. People tend to forget that there is a performance downgrade with 10 plus year old windows and ones in a showroom. Marvin windows are going to satisfy pretty much anyone since they perform well and offer good customer services. You'd do well with Okna or Sunrise as well. Be willing to pay a little more for your windows and you'll find that it's totally worth it thanks to quality performance.

Sam - Industry Guru - 2010

Elite Window Options

People view the HiMark, Sunrise, Polaris, and the Softlite brands as elite somehow among other brands. I'm not too sure if this is a good indication of their quality, particularly in comparison to brands like Andersen, Marvin and Pella. I suppose, though, that this is varied from one dealer to the next, along with what level of customer service you get. I've mostly worked with the dealer who sells Sunrise exclusively. They've been pretty easy to work with over the years and have been around some time.

Mick - Installer - 2012

Great Lakes Thumbs Up

Great Lakes customer service has been really good in my experience. I have had to interact with them as an installer for years now and they make it easy to get parts or solve issues quickly without hassles. I would prefer working with them over pretty much everyone else out there.

Ben - Installer - 2009

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Okna 800 Window

I don't doubt that the Okna 800 is among the best windows. It's got to be a top 5 vinyl window. It's a double pane window with a .25 U-value, .01 AI, and a 60 DP. A lot of their competitors would have a hard time beating that. Simonton makes a good window with few issues but there's nothing special about them. Okna offers features and different options that make them a class higher. They can be compared to other windows like Gorel 5300, SoftLite Elements and Sunrise Restoration.

Joseph - Industry Expert - 2009

Pella v Andersen

I am a big fan of Pella. They get my recommendation since they have been rated pretty high by JD Powers & Associates. They've even gotten recognition from the Department of Energy thanks to their energy efficiency and for green practices in their business. Andersen windows are okay, but there isn't anything special about them and their several lines confuse consumers. Marvin is similar to Pella, so it's decent too.

Markus - Installer - 2008

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