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Windows Reviews & Recommendations

Read replacement windows reviews & recommendations from homeowners and contractors who have experience with particular manufacturers and their window models and series. This is one of the ways too find the best windows at the best prices.

Our Top Picks

Here are our selections for the best replacement windows on the market in terms of vinyl, fiberglass and wood clad windows. They may not all be available in your area, but we have tried to provide examples that will include at least one from each region of the United States

» Best Replacement Windows


"Personally I like Affinity, but there aren't many people that will say it's a better option over an Okna. Most dealers will offer Affinity to customers that feel the Okna comes with a heavy price and want something a little cheaper....."

» Affinity Windows Reviews


"I know my budget doesn't allow for much, but I still want something decent. Can anyone suggest a site that has ratings and comparisons that I can use to make my decision....."

» Alpine Windows Reviews


"Alside windows work well, are priced low and there's nothing fancy about them. I'm not sure they'd hold up to harsher cold weather than what I get in California. There warranty is nice though and I had a great experience with the installers. They didn't make a mess and did everything pretty well....."

» Alside Windows Reviews

American Craftsman

"American Craftsman is a good choice. I have fifteen years' experience with these windows and they have good customer service and a decent warranty. Don't go with anything below the 8500 series and you'll be alright....."

» American Craftsman

American Jewel

"I previously worked with windows from American Jewel. Back in the 80's, American Jewel offered some good windows with heavy frames. Since then, however, their design has changed and it's made them weaker with a lousy build. You'd do better with BF Rich, which are priced out the same....."

» American Jewel


"I got Amerimax vinyl windows installed in my LA home about 5 years ago and they still look great and clean. They've kept up over the years too, with smooth movement and a solid design against leaks....."

» Amerimax Windows Reviews


"They have a good build, no draftiness and I really like the look. I wasn't too sure about the glazing beads, though. I took a look at the Simontons and it appeared more solid in comparison. Either way, I ended up leaning towards the Amsco and I'm glad that I did....."

» Take On Amsco Products


"I've installed plenty of their windows over the years and recently had some experience with Andersen pocket/insert replacements. It was great working with them. The install was pretty easy and, like with so many other Andersen products, I haven't experienced issues with these....."

» Andersen Windows Reviews


"Anlin is a favorite, I really do think they are good quality. The price tag might be a little higher, but if you work it right you might be able to cut a deal. Look to an installer for references to get great deals instead of a salesperson....."

» Anlin Windows Reviews


"Atrium windows are a great price and ours have lasted 6 years, still looking great and with not problems. They still have a good and smooth glide, still keep the wind out. You might think that the price is a little too high for these windows, but it's worth it when you don't have to spent money to repair them..."

» Reviews On Atrium

BF Rich

"You mentioned you had a quote from BF Rich and I have found that they are a good company, maybe a little dated in terms of appearance, but overall they have solid products with good customer service..."

» BF Rich Windows Reviews


"I am based in Los Angeles and mainly install Cascade / Empire Pacific windows and I have never had any problems when it comes to warranty or service. They are always on time with delivery and the quality is good. I have literally installed hundreds of these windows..."

» Opinions On Cascade


"I'm considering buying the CertainTeed Denali garden window, but I'm not sure. I'd like to get some opinions from everyone before I make a decision. An installer told me that he thinks they're good..."

» CertainTeed Windows Reviews


"I really like the Champion windows I got to replace five windows in my house. There are some great features, like the strong locks and how you can lock the window in a partially open position..."

» Champion Windows Reviews


"We had Crestline in our old home and didn't experience any issues. When we do replace them, it will be with Crestlines. These other ones are just terrible to deal with..."

» Crestline


"I needed to get replacements for one of my rentals pretty quick and went with Crystal windows. They collaborated with my insurance company so that the paperwork process was quick and my tenants could move back..."

» Crystal Review Info


"Eagle offers good quality windows in the upper ranged pricing. Andersen now owns them and they've been going through a transition phase with the distribution plans and such. Despite this, they are still good and Andersen was a decent company for them to be sold to since they are reliable and won't skimp on the materials/service..."

» Eagle Reviews


"I'm considering Advanced, Feldco, and Champion at the moment but I'm having trouble choosing between them since I can't see a real difference. They all seem pretty nice, but my budget is below the price range for all of them..."

» Feldco


"They make an excellent slider that achieves very impressive air infiltration numbers. They are definitely a regional company (based out of Nebraska) and it's not clear exactly how wide a net they cast in terms of their dealer/representative system."

» Gerkin


"Gilkey is pretty good to choose for your replacements. You'll find that it performs much better than anything else at the same price. You can thank the Heat Mirror for the U-Values, though people sometimes don't like that feature..."

» Gilkey


"Gorell offers a better company presence and product, and even though the pricing is a little higher it's worth it in the end. Everything's better. The window, materials, engineering, warranty and the service. If you aren't really sure yourself, then just take a look at the other manufacturers out there..."

» Gorell Windows Reviews

Great Lakes

"Great Lakes customer service has been really good in my experience. I have had to interact with them as an installer for years now and they make it easy to get parts or solve issues quickly without hassles. I would prefer working with them over pretty much everyone else out there..."

» Great Lakes


"Harvey is a little better, but not the greatest out theres. If you're willing to pay more up front for a well-made window, it's going to last you longer and have less issues. The higher price also comes with customer service, just in case..."

» Harvey Windows Reviews


"I think I would go with the HiMark. The HiMark 800 is better than 400, but both would be better than the others. They are better in terms of design, appearance, manufacturing, energy efficiency, etc. If you plan on living with them for some time, I'd go with the HiMarks though..."

» HiMark


"Hurds has some pretty decent window now, and some even say that they rank better than Andersens. There was a change in wood preservatives at some point in the 80's making them more susceptible to rotting, but their recent models haven't had that issue..."

» Hurd Reviews

Jeld Wen

"Pozzi is the top line offered with Jeld-Wen. Pozzi is better than Hurds, though they are good. Hurd's warranty is good, but since they are now in the ownership of another company they have made it pretty much worthless. A lot of installers and dealers are understandably mad, and have ceased business with Hurd as a result. Pozzis is your best option..."

» Jeld Wen Windows Reviews


"Kolbe seems pretty nice, solid and well designed. The pricing, though higher, isn't really an issue for us since we're cutting expenses on interior doors as well as hardwares. I'm just hoping the cream color will be okay looking once they're installed..."

» Kolbe Window Reviews


"Loewen is pretty good too, but it often gets overlooked since they aren't as well-known. It's difficult to give a true rating since people have a mix of good and bad experiences with every product out there..."

» Loewen Windows Reviews

Magic Window Innovations

"I worked for a company that sold quite a few of their windows and this is my overall impression of Magic Window Innovations -- good window but not great -- this is assuming a good install."

» Magic Window Reviews


"Marvin prices are good, though higher than some because it's a great quality window. The options and features will be more limited on the Integrity as opposed to the Infinity - so if you need more options you should really look at the Infinity, which is a great option..."

» Marvin Windows Reviews


"MI got hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that the company engaged in deceptive trade practices and that they manufactured defective windows. It's going to be interesting to see what comes of this whole issue and I'm sure there are lots of low end vinyl window manufacturers watching the outcome closely...."

» MI Reviews


"I'm a fan of either Milgard or Simonton. They each have a good reputation and make some good products. The installer you get will be the tricky part, but if you get a good one then you'll be more than happy working with them. Don't worry about choosing between Milgard or Simonton. You can choose either one..."

» Milgard Windows Reviews


"Go with Okna. You would be fine with Gorel, true, but I recommend taking a look at Okna 500s. You might pay a little more for those, but it's not much more and the product is great. I've worked with both Gorell and Okna over the years and would say Okna is my choice overall. It's just that Oknas products are better in my opinion..."

» Okna Window Reviews


"I am a very big fan of Pella windows. They get my recommendation since they have been rated pretty high by JD Powers & Associates. They've even gotten recognition from the Department of Energy thanks to their energy efficiency and for green practices in their business..."

» Pella Window Review


"I have lots of experience with PGT, though you might not hear much about them from others since they are a small company. Their product is good, built well and gets sold more than Simontons in my experience..."

» PGT Windows Reviews

Ply Gem

"Check out PlyGem. They have a Premium line that you'll probably like, both for the quality and price. There's nothing particularly flashy about it, it just works well enough. PlyGem Pro could work even better too, with just enough quality and a nice low pricing..."

» Ply Gem Reviews


"I've worked with lots of window brands over the years, but my go to choices today is Polaris and Sunrise. I would say the Polaris is a bit more expensive than the comparable Sunrise model but I like them both and have had loads of experience with the companies and have not had issues with either..."

» Polaris Window Reviews


"We got an entry door from Reliabilt just recently. Their prices are pretty low in comparison to some brands we considered. I had a lot of installer friends who told me to get the Millguard, and they didn't want me to get Reliabilt..."

» Opinions On Reliabilt

Renewal By Andersen

"RBA's quality is good, plus they have custom work done for each order. It's important that you get a good quality installer here, because that is the one thing standing between you and a great performing window no matter the quality of the window..."

» RBA Reviews


"Our Schuco windows are amazing. They have an automatic locking feature that I absolutely love and steel lift handles that are very sturdy - although they were an upgrade from the standard plastic option..."

» Schuco Windows Reviews


"Semco isn't the worst wood clad option out there and they have definitely stepped up their game in the last few years..."

» Semco Window Reviews


"I have installed some of the top fiberglass windows from both Inline and Serious. The Serious have much better numbers and look better. I would almost always go with fiberglass instead of vinyl, and Serious over Inline..."

» Serious Windows Reviews


"I have my fair share of experience with Silverline. Some people say that they can fall apart within a year or two, but I haven't encountered any issues like that. You shouldn't go with 1200, but with the 9500..."

» Opinions On Silverline


"Simonton windows are a good choice but not great. They're offered in my own warehouse, but they're not my absolute go to choice. You'll get a decent performing model and some good service, but they don't stand out much from the crowd."

» Simonton Windows Reviews


"It's true that Infinity is good, but I would say that the Softlite Elements is significantly better. If you get vinyl, then you don't have to worry about it expanding or contracting like another window might. Since your windows aren't going to be big, I doubt you'll encounter anything like that with the vinyl..."

» Soft-Lite Windows Reviews


"Sunrise has a new line out that has a really thin profile, possibly one of the thinnest out thre and great for letting in light and optimizing your glass area..."

» Sunrise Windows Reviews

Thermal Industries

"The windows I recommend all offer good customer services and warranties and include Ply Gem, Gorell, Simonton, Sunrise and Thermal Industries..."

» Opinions On Thermal Industries


"I'm on the lookout for a good product to replae 12 double hungs and convert 2 windows to a bay. My search has found me 3 quotes so far. Two of them (Alside Excalibur and United 4800s) were about the same price, while the Crystal Series 200 was around half of what the other offered. ..."

» United Reviews


"Vinylmax seems like the better choice so far, with a stronger build, nice welds and a much longer warranty. Plygem has a 25 year warranty, while Vinylmax's is a lifetime."

» Vinylmax Opinions


"Viwinco are low end windows when it comes to performance and engineering, they are the same as Silverline and MI Window. Installers need to take the time to get to know..."

» Viwinco Windows Reviews


"I also got a quote for Vytex Heritage at $8590 but they don't seem promising thanks to the problematic warranty with tons of exclusions. I'm fully aware of the importance of a competent installer, but I'm not sure what to go with now. They have different installation methods with different ways of sealing up air gaps..."

» Viewpoints On Vytex


"I found the sales representative to be professional and friendly, he didn't waste my time and was very upfront about price, quality and installation. Overall I have had an excellent experience, their customer services department are fantastic, their products are good and everyone I have dealt with at Wallside are professional and courteous...."

» Wallside Windows Reviews

Weather Shield

"WeatherShields tends to get mixed reviews. These used to be the Peachtree line which I was installing in the 1990's. The newer windows these days have nailing flanges, some use a brick mold as well. I would recommend..."

» Weather Shield reviews


"How does Wincore compare to Simonton? Both are built by one company. Overall I would say they are both good windows with decent performance numbers..."

» Wincore

Window World

"I recently had eleven windows and a door installed at my property that are Window World. The total job costs around $6,000 and I must say, overall I am thrilled with the results.There were a few minor problems we encountered along the way, but......"

» Window World

Styles & Frames


"Most of my replacements are Simonton casements, and we've really liked the crank mechanism. It runs smooth and the hardware is pretty nice, although nothing fancy. I like how they look too. Their only downside was the white exterior, which we've grown used to over time."

» Casements

Garden Windows

"Explore reviews from installers and consumers who can provide incite from their experiences with this specialized replacement window option..."

» Garden Windows

Storm Windows

"Read Storm reviews to find advise, recommendations and words of warning from homeowners and contractors alike on many of the most popular storm and impact options available..."

» Storm Reviews

Top Vinyl Frames

"With so many windows to choose from it's very difficult to determine which are the best vinyl options. Which is why we have asked contractors and installers in the industry for their opinions to help you decide which is the best choice for your next project..."

» Best Vinyl Windows

Top Fiberglass Frames

"It can be difficult to figure out which is the best fiberglass frames for your project, so we have made it easier for you by listing the top five fiberglass options we would recommend based on customer reviews. Everyone has different opinions so we have also included the links for you to visit the pages on each of the windows and read the reviews for yourself to help you make an informed decision..."

» Best Fiberglass Windows

Ratings From Consumer Reports

"See window ratings for popular brands and models. Find additional recommended models as well as our picks for the top choices. The prices are for the product itself and don't include the cost of window installation..."

» Consumer Reports Windows & Ratings


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