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Window Installation Cost

It's very difficult to pinpoint an exact window installation cost because there are so many factors associated with each individual project. The type of window you have chosen, the opening and work required for preparation and installation are all things that will vary the price. Basic windows like your pocket replacements or insert windows are usually the easiest and shouldn't cost more than around $75 per window where a complete frame replacement can cost up to $200 per window.

Price Range - $50 to $250 per window

Pocket Or Inserts

Inserts or pocket inserts are the easiest of all the windows to install and are therefore the cheapest option when it comes to replacement windows. These are window projects without any frame, sill or jamb problems. Window installation cost for these can be anywhere from $50 to $75 per window. It's essential you choose a good contractor who has extensive experience installing these windows to ensure any problems can be dealt with quickly and easily.

Price Range - $50 - $75 per window

Standard Replacements

With a standard replacement, the contractor will remove the sills and stops & ensure the frame is in good condition. This includes leveling the window, as well as measuring and securing the frame. Contractors use an expanding foam which offers good insulation and then seal and caulk the window. It's essential the window is plum and square, which should be a given with any reputable contractor. Poor installation from an inexperienced contractor can result in a drafty or leaky window with less than ideal energy efficiency.

Price Range - $100 - $150 per window

Historic Homes Installation

Historical home can be very difficult when replacing the windows. These projects are detailed and require matching the exterior trim to the style and color of the home. Historic homes demand an additional attention to detail which can increase the installation price.

Price Range - $175 - $225 per window

Full Frame Installation

Complete frame replacements are a bigger project than just an insert or pocket insert. These jobs include removing all the jambs, sill and stops and sometimes some of the outside stucco, wood or siding. The contractor will get down to the rough opening, essential in older homes which may have suffered from water damage.

Price Range - $175 - $250 per window

New Construction Installation

New construction windows include a nailing flange to ensure proper mounting. You'll find you will pay more for a new construction than a basic replacement because it entails more work during the installation process. The contractor or installer will need to follow the steps they would normally follow when replacing a window but will wrap the exterior, which provides additional moisture protection. Proper exterior trim and capping work may be needed.

Price Range - $250 - $450 per window

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