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Low Cost Replacement Windows

Looking to replace your windows on a budget? Here is our list of "best low cost replacement windows" - sub $400 per opening installed. One note, if you are going to buy low end windows, you should take extra care in making sure your installer knows what he is doing and doesn't take shortcuts. If you don't, you'll end up paying for it in the long run!

Amsco Renaissance Series

Amsco's composite window is the Renaissance. Made from resin and wood fiber, it comes in six different colors. It is similar to the Andersen 100 composite, but a step down in quality and price. It's a good compromise if the Andersen is out of reach.

Renaissance Window Pricing

Atrium Reliabilt 3300 Series

Atrium produces this line for Reliabilt. With a 0.12 air infiltration rating and a U-factor of 0.28, good but not spectacular numbers. It is comparable in both price and quality to the Milgard Styleline.

3300 Series Prices

Harvey Slimline Series

Harvey's entry level window is the Slimline. The frame is a touch thinner than other models, allowing for decent sightlines and a larger glass area. The thin frame isn't really strong enough for larger openings, however. It has an STC of 28. It's a good option for smaller windows, but for larger openings homeowners should consider upgrading to the Tribute or Classic Series.

Slimline Costs

Milgard Styleline Series

Milgard's lowest price window is the Styleline. The frame is fairly thin with uneven sightlines, giving it a larger glass area and a distinct style. The locking mechanism is slightly elevated. The Styleline does not include a vent lock or weep hole covers. It isn't as energy efficient as the Tuscany, but it's a good choice for smaller openings or tight budgets.

Styleline Price

Ply Gem Pro Series

Ply Gem's mid grade window is the Pro Series, which was previously the Grandview 4000 model. It isn't much different from the Contractor, with only minimal upgrades. It features a stainless steel spacer and the frame is made from painted PVC cellular material. It carries a 25 year transferable warranty, but it doesn't cover glass breakage. The double hungs have a DP30 rating, R-value of 3.45, U-factor of 0.29, AI of 0.19 and SHGC of 0.27. The sash doesn't have reinforcement and the numbers are poor. It isn't available as a double hung.

Pro Series Cost

Silverline 9500 Series

Silverline's top window is the 9500. It gets mostly good reviews, especially when compared with others in the same price range. Double strength glass is standard, and upgrades are available for a foam filled frame and argon filled glass. The wall thickness is 0.85, which makes it quite sturdy and durable. Without the foam and argon upgrades, the U-value is 0.31, AI is 0.14, and it has a DP 45. Most contractors recommend the upgrades. The most noted problem is a poorly made screen.

Silverline 9500 Pricing

Vinylmax Hyde Park Series

The Hyde Park is Vinylmax's bottom tier window. It has a .30 U-value and a poor air infiltration rate of 0.17. Available as a double hung, slider, bay, bow, garden, or picture window, it can be compared to the Ply Gem Pro. Some think that the frame is heavier and more durable than the Pro, and it is often priced about 10% higher. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hyde Park Prices

Viwinco Edgemont Series

The Viwinco Edgemont window uses a very narrow vinyl frame. The double hung has a U-value of 0.30, a DP rating of 35, and an SHGC of 0.26, all mediocre numbers. The AI of 0.09 is fairly good for the price. A Solarban 60 Low-E glass package comes standard. It features fusion corner welds, a stainless steel Intercept super spacer, and a tilt lock mechanism.

Edgemont Costs

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